Sheep On The Go!

Revive Your Chain Wherever You Are.

Eco Sheep® Sheep On The Go!™ chain lubricant is a patroleum-free, biodegradable, lanolin oil based chain lubricant packaged in single use, travel-sized paper packets. Developed specifically to be carried in your bike pack or pocket, use Sheep On The Go!™ to revive your chain while you are out on the trail, road, or path. Eco Sheep® Sheep On The Go!™ chain lubricant has superior lubricating, rust proofing, and corrosion capabilities keeping your drivetrain running as smooth as possible. With no lubrication fade, your shifts are quicker and quieter and stay that way, throughout your ride, making sure your bike is ready to react when you need it most.

* World's only EPA Safer Choice® and USDA BioPreferred® designated bike chain lube.

* CHAIN OIL WHEN YOU NEED IT! Individually packaged in single use paper packets for your bike pack or pocket! So small, they fit anywhere.

* Great for roadies, mountain bikers, commuters, or touring bikers who don't have access to chain lube while on the go. Never get stuck with a poorly shifting bike in the woods or on the road again.

* Non-toxic, renewable, biodegradable lanolin oil based bicycle chain lubricant. Lanolin oil beats petroleum oil hands down. Eco Sheep® Sheep On The Go™ is the ultimate chain lube! No more harsh, loud, slow shifting!

* Contains no petroleum or petroleum distillates. It's safe for the environment and safe for you.


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