What are Eco Sheep® chain lubricants?

Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants are non‐toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable bicycle chain lubricants made from natural and easily renewable lanolin. They contain no petroleum, PTFE, or paraffin wax. Eco Sheep® chain lubricants last longer and protect better than petroleum-based lubricants. All of our lanolin lubricants are EPA Safer Choice® and USDA BioPreferred® designated.

What is EPA Safer Choice®?

The Safer Choice Program is one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) most valued partnership programs. This program helps consumers identify and select products with safer chemical ingredients, without sacrificing quality or performance. Companies that manufacture Safer Choice® products are leaders in safer products and sustainability and have invested heavily in research. EPA's Safer Choice® includes standards for ingredients, packaging, and transparency of information. We are leading the way, and Eco Sheep® lanolin lubricants are the world's only EPA Safer Choice® designated bicycle lubricants.

What is USDA BioPreferred®?

Managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the goal of the BioPreferred® program is to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. Eco Sheep® is leading the way, and Eco Sheep® lubricants are the world's only USDA BioPreferred® designated bicycle lubricants. Eco Sheep® lubricants have been third-party laboratory certified to confirm they are 100% USDA biobased products and contain no petroleum.

What is lanolin?

Lanolin is a natural oil and is an excellent replacement for petroleum. Lanolin coats the wool of sheep to keep them safe from the environment. It also stops mud, dirt, and grime from sticking to their wool. It's perfect for bike chains! When sheep are sheared for the summer, the oil is separated from the wool. The wool goes off to make clothes, and the oil is used to make Eco Sheep® lanolin lubricants and many other products that you use every day, such as cosmetics. It's recycling at its best!

I like “eco,” but my bicycle needs protection. Are Eco Sheep® chain lubricants really good at lubricating and protecting my bicycle?

Yes. Eco Sheep® chain lubricants are the ultimate bicycle chain lubricants. Lanolin was used for generations to lubricate and protect machinery before Big Oil petroleum came around. Petroleum products replaced lanolin because of their ease of manufacture and cheap cost of production, not because they are better. Eco Sheep® chain lubricants provide better lubrication and last longer than petroleum. Eco Sheep® lanolin lubricants are EPA Safer Choice® designated. Part of the EPA Safer Choice® standard is that products must meet or exceed the performance of the less safer products that they are replacing.

Why Is Eco Sheep® better than petroleum lubricants?

Eco Sheep® chain lubricants provide a better experience for you. They are better at lubricating your bike than petroleum because of their thickness and composition, and they are better for the environment. Every year it takes 6.3 million gallons of petroleum oil to lubricant the bicycles in the USA alone. And all of this harmful petroleum oil makes its way into our soil and water. Eco Sheep® chain lubricants are non-toxic, biodegradable, and won’t harm the earth.

How does one ounce of Eco Sheep® replace ten ounces of petroleum‐based chain lubricants?

All Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants are 100% oil. Petroleum‐based bicycle chain lubricants are thinned down with petroleum distillates. Petroleum distillates are chemical compounds made from crude oil; they are the fumes that you smell when using petroleum products. They are added to make petroleum‐based bicycle chain lubricants cheaper to produce and to allow storage in plastic squeeze bottles. Once petroleum‐based products are on your bike, the distillates evaporate, leaving the petroleum oil behind. Eco Sheep® doesn’t contain distillates or fillers. When you brush Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricant onto your bicycle, it stays there, protecting and lubricating all the moving parts.

Are Eco Sheep® chain lubricants easy to apply?

Yes, Eco Sheep™ bicycle chain lubricants are very easy to apply with the brush included in the lid of every can. Petroleum‐based bicycle chain lubricants commonly come in plastic drip bottles, and you must squirt the lubricant on your chain and gears. Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants are different. They come with a brush applicator to allowing you to brush on Eco Sheep® chain lubricant exactly where you need it. You can even apply it on your bike in spots that are upside down or hard to reach, such as your rear derailleur.

Are Eco Sheep® chain lubricants biodegradable and earth friendly?

Yes. All Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants are biodegradable, non-toxic, and sustainable. They contain no petroleum or non‐natural ingredients.

Why is the Eco Sheep® container so different?

Lubricants only work if they stay on your bike. All Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants come in a metal container that includes an incredible brush applicator. The brush makes applying Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricants easy and less wasteful because you can apply it exactly where you want instead of the “shotgun” approach of plastic drip-style bottles used for most petroleum-based chain lubricants. The metal Eco Sheep® bicycle chain lubricant container can be recycled, reused, or if it ever makes it into a landfill, it will degrade in months, not hundreds or thousands of years from now.

How do I clean up or clean my chain after using Eco Sheep chain® lubricants?

Unlike petroleum‐based bicycle chain lubricants, which require a special degreaser product to break them down, Eco Sheep® chain lubricants clean up easily with soap and water.