Extra Thick Sheep

Chain Lubricant for Extreme Conditions

Eco Sheep® Extra Thick Sheep™ chain lubricant is petroleum-free, biodegradable, lanolin oil based chain lubricant developed specifically for bikes and e‐bikes that are consistently ridden hard, in the worst weather and environmental conditions possible. Eco Sheep® Extra Thick Sheep™ chain lubricant can easily handle the heat, snow, dirt, grit, grime, water, sand, mud, plant matter, brush, and anything else you throw at it and continue to protect your bike’s drivetrain. Eco Sheep® Extra Thick Sheep™ chain lubricant has superior rust proofing and corrosion capabilities keeping your drivetrain rust free and running as smooth as possible. With no lubrication fade, your shifts are quicker and quieter, and stay that way, throughout your entire ride, making sure your bike is ready to react when you need it most.

* World's only EPA Safer Choice® and USDA BioPreferred® designated bike chain lube.

* Biodegradable, renewable, and non-toxic lanolin oil based bike chain oil. Won't harm the earth or you.

* Lanolin oil beats petroleum oil hands down. Eco Sheep® Extra Thick Sheep™ is the ULTIMATE bike chain lube for extreme conditions and foul weather. No more harsh, loud, slow shifting.

* Incredible no-hassle brush applicator. Easily apply an exact amount of Eco Sheep® bike chain lubricant to your bike chain wherever you need it. No more squirting bike lube all over your bike and no messy drips and puddles to clean up.

* PTFE and paraffin wax free!

* 100% Lubricant - No petroleum distillates or hydrocarbon fillers. One ounce of Eco Sheep® bicycle lubricant equals ten ounces of petroleum based lubricant.


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